Sunday, 29 March 2009

Residential realism

Coincidentally, I was amused to follow a link to Mouseprice today, who say of our road, "(road name) is one of the cheaper places to live in (town and postcode) ..." 

Well, I know exactly what it looks like round here and, I already knew that the prices shown in local estate agents windows reflect Mouseprice' take on reality.

Mother absolutely insists that we're in THE very bestest street ever known to humanity (pretty much) and swears the house is not inside (name of housing estate) that could, shock, horror, be confused with local authority housing - even though there's a HUGE great sign set in stone in the wall, on the way in, that proves otherwise.

Now, yes, of course there's an element of simple snobbery here.

Jokingly, I used to "upgrade" the address of a home I owned to the better one of the two districts it was on the borders of in hopes it would add £5,000 to the value. :)

But this fantasy she appears to really believe and defends it despite the evidence.

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