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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Water, water everywhere

Tsunami evacuation route Photo: neukar75
Goodness knows what the obsession with water is about. I'm not actually aware of any risk of a tsunami in Hampshire, but, if I wet the bath (as generally you do, when -if- you shower), then the bath surface and possibly the tiles around it do tend to get wet. It makes her panic: she came to me flapping because there was "water everywhere." Er, so?

When I'm cooking, if one of the chopping boards gets wet (you know, from washed ingredients), she's in there, wiping it before I've finished prep. If, heaven forbid, the wetness strays onto the worktop, even a single droplet, then this is a Level 1 Emergency.

You may as well share my frustration (the other reason for recording these things while they're fresh is because even I won't believe them later).