Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Tudor House investigation


If the last find on my recent visit to Southampton was "suspect Tudor" (actually older than that and, there's another even older here), then this one's the real thing; the Tudor House Museum. The distinctive, timbered building (pictured above) that dominates St Michael’s Square - was built in about 1492 - the same year that Columbus bloke got lost on his way to the Indies and a young, future (though he didn't know it then) King Henry VIII was celebrating his first birthday, during the reign of his dad, Henry VII, the first of the Tudor monarchs.

It is currently undergoing refurbishment under the direction of Southampton City Council with a view to it being reopened as a heritage attraction in 2011.

Like many other places of that era, the Tudor House museum is widely believed to be haunted. In all probability, that's mere religious superstition.

And here's an image of the Southampton, Tudor House taken in 1908

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