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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Magic Mushrooms

Garden variety toadstools

"You see the mushrooms in this risotto ...", says I, about to explain the dish.

"They're from the garden?", asks my mother.

Don't give me ideas! :)

The lawn, until it was cut this week, was one huge mass of toadstools, mostly in wet areas that never get any sun. That's most of it. And the reason, I'm told, is because, previously it had been a cow field. [1] Since that was around 30 years ago, we can probably conclude that fungus spores have very very long lives.

Oh, the mushrooms in the risotto, actually didn't come from the garden (honest): they were of the Shit Ache, Shit Take, Shiitake variety.

[1] The real reason, I discovered when the issue was fixed many years later, was that the area was wet due to a slow leak in the water supply that came into the house under it. But, hey, it's obviously better to make up some fantasy, rather than take all the trouble to investigate a problem and deal with it! 

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