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Friday, 10 October 2008

Chronic pessimism

The lack of ambition, the closed-mindedness, the mean and hatefulness, blaming others ... listen to people around here and you are frequently confronted with those and many of the other 10 traits of losers (oh, yes, I know someone who exhibits all of them.)

Chronic pessimism seemingly affects a high percentage of the population here. It's a nasty, mindless habit, displayed by countless numbers of "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells"; professional wingers who just aren't happy until they have something to complain about.
Yes, of course I complain too, but I do try to limit it to things that are genuinely complaint worthy.

As I discovered recently, I don't see the glass as either full or empty, apparently, I just see what is: reality. No, I don't like reality either and, it surprised me greatly me to discover that I'm basically "balanced" in something. That, in itself, is a bloody miracle.

Yet, I attempt to not whine publicly unless I am seeking help with finding a solution to a problem, or better yet, describing my own solutions to problems that someone reading my whines may come up against too, but lately, solutions are blocked at every turn by a chronic affliction like this:
"I'm not talking about slight pessimism now and then, but serious, consistent, and unrelenting pessimism that makes people shy away from you and causes you to miss out on the beauty of life. Such pessimism is both stifling and paralyzing."
Yes, I've called it stifling before and, that is exactly what it is. Everything is awful, everything is impossible, there's nothing can ever be done ...

Since I got back to the UK in June, I've been confronted daily with this bitter, relentless, negativity and pessimism, droning and whittling away at what tiny little bit of resistance I have left. This mindless complaining and the negativity doesn't just destroy organizations, it destroys hope, sanity, people.