Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sapo en el pozo

Sapo in the grass
If English words liberally sprinkled into Spanish conversation seems a little alien, then reading Sobre Inglaterra (All About England), in Spanish is definitely smile inducing. Seeing how someone else sees us is always a strange experience, but it's lots of fun, as I've been discovering recently with the various delights of Birmingham, las Joyerias Quarter, Manchester, pasado industrial, fascinante presente, El Carnaval de Notting Hill and the Gastronomia tradicional inglesa, lo mas tipico, amongst others.

What they say about the British grub is particularly funny, with names of dishes that don't translate and comments like, "English cuisine will rarely do well in competitions, international awards or in the face of criticism", or that "it's impossible to deny that the majority of the typical dishes are very high in calories," pointing at the English Breakfast (desayuno ingl├ęs).

But, as I pointed out to a friend's son, a doctor who thought this a very unhealthy meal (that he was served at a B&B in Blackpool), I think there and English bars in south Tenerife are the only places that these artery clogging and heart-attack inducing fry-ups are served regularly.

Who could resist reading all about Marmite, getting the recipe for Yorkshire pudding or learning how to make Fish and Chips in Spanish? The prize for aptest and cutest translation though, goes to "sapo en el pozo", which, translating it literally back would be "Toad in the well".

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ronsrants said...

I once stayed in an hotel, in England, that had Arbroath Smokies on the breakfast menu. Hard to beat, and you just don't see them often enough.


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