Tuesday, 9 September 2008

¿Duyú spikingliss?

La Laguna Ahora reproduce what is said to be a letter that a woman asked to have read out live on radio, which certainly must have sounded strange, a snippet of which (you need to be fluent in Spanglish) is as follows:

"Desde ese punto de vista, los españoles somos modernísimos. Ya no decimos bizcocho sino plum-cake, ni tenemos sentimientos sino feelings. Sacamos tickets, compramos compacts, comemos sándwiches, hacemos camping, puenting y trekking y cuando hace frío nos limpiamos las narices con kleenex."

Of course there are two schools of thought on this lengua mestiza (half-breed tongue, or fusion language, if you prefer.) To some, it represents the worst of globalisation and suppresses traditional Spanish language and customs.

To others it's modernization: adding something and enriching the culture.

Personally, I think there's room for both, without sacrificing either.

Actually, I thought I did speak English, but there's nothing more calculated to throw you off in Spanish conversation than English words splattered about liberally, because they're in the wrong places and suddenly become alien.

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