Monday, 15 September 2008

Do cats ward off evil?

Ms Kitty in daylight

Mother went out on Wednesday when I took this photo and she was out again Saturday, as was Ms Kitty again, wandering around, jumping up on things, sniffing everything and showing interest in her environment for the very first time since she arrived here in June.

In fact both cats had been out of bed, during daylight for some time in the morning and were even relaxed enough to romp around and try to beat sh*t out of each other.

It's so good to see them behaving like cats ... since they are cats!

They've sometimes done this at night when the house is dark and quiet and mother's in bed, but otherwise they're still avoiding her like the plague.

Now, why would they specifically want to do that, I wonder?

They aren't used to having other humans around, but tell me why they cower, run, dive into hiding and even hiss and growl when my mother comes near them, but on the rare occasions when strangers call, they don't exactly form a welcoming committee, but they don't show such scaredy cat antics either?

It has been said that, "Cats [...] can sense things that humans can not, including bad vibes and impending disaster, earthquakes, etc." Cats have extraordinary senses, they may be able to detect terminal disease (by the cat performing a cat scan, presumably?) and, they could very well be picking up the vibe from me, but can they tell nice from nasty people too? :)

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