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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

This is the correct way! Toilet roll debate finally settled. A patent dating back to 15 September 1891 helpfully included a detailed diagram which was explicit in showing the paper over the roll.

And, just to add even more surrealism to an already totally bizarre situation, there's the matter of the toilet roll. What the image above shows is what I had always understood, that the "right" way to hang a toilet roll is with the flappy bit over the front. This is how chamber maids - not that I've even done the job - are taught to do it in hotels, with the little pointy bit to make it look pretty. 

Truthfully, I don't think it's THAT big an issue, although I would counter that if it's under, the nice clean paper can make contact with a potentially not very clean wall, so I don't feel that is comfortably hygienic, nevertheless ...

Oh no, that isn't right! If I hang a toilet roll "the right way," the next time I go to the loo, I'll find it turned around with the loose bit hanging down the back and I get yet another lecture on why I am wrong and why wrong is right. So one day, just to see what she'd do, I made a point of constantly correcting it and, every time I put it "right", she put it back "wrong" again. Every single time throughout the day ... which has to be the most pathetically petty deliberate belligerently pedantic, obsessive-compulsive, control-freaky contrariness evar