Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Stuff That

100_0162 The marrow, freshly picked, was given to us by a neighbour, so I was determined to use all of this rare gift of a genuine fresh vegetable. And I was equally determined that it would be healthy and not yer regular "school dinner" job, involving minced beef (despite being certain that such a retro food classic from the 1930's would have gone down a treat, especially if it were served with "wartime food" like Smash potato!) 

Mother has been pouting again about the lack of meat in the meals I cook. So, I did lapse and eat meat, once or twice a year if I ate out, in Tenerife, but that was because it was usually locally raised, actually had a flavour there and, was a lot less chemically poisoned than the crap sold in the UK. Other than that and always at home, I've eaten 99.9r% vegetarian for at least 2 decades. You'd think she might have noticed by now. 

I don't handle meat, because I dislike handling it - I can cope with things that don't look like any animal or part of one, like sausages (but equally avoid processed food) and I don't eat meat in the UK, because the chemicals that come with it cause my symptoms to increase and go haywire.

What kind of person tries to "demand" a vegetarian to serve and eat meals with meat? Or someone with food intolerances to eat foods that makes their symptoms worse?

Then again, I wore a top today that I bought only a few weeks ago while she was with me in the shop. She insisted she couldn't remember that and had never seen it before.

She also claims that she does not forget things! So, either she does forget and is lying, or she doesn't and she's being deliberately cruel, controlling and belligerent over the meat issue.

Anyway, a quick peruse of the internet and I came up with two vegetarian stuffed marrow recipes to use as inspiration (I never follow recipes to the letter); the first from Riverford Organic Vegetables would have used lentils and another from The Foody that called for rice or beans. As you see, I used more the ingredients of the latter, with the method of the former.

Had to use tinned kidney beans, because there wasn't time to soak dry ones, but those were added to onion, three colours of peppers, sliced mushrooms and tomato, all sauteed together, seasoned and served in the baked marrow.

Ha, I'm not the only person (as had previously been intimated) to have moaned about the general standards of vegetables in the UK (Tesco's are the worst.)

As a comment on this post on Riverford's blog says too, "I spend a lot of time in Italy where vegetables are a source of joy and I was always sad to return home not least because the local supermarket could only offer me highly packaged dull vegetables." Yep, that about sums it up.

It would be too much to ask that we have a box of organic vegetables delivered (Riverford deliver to our postcode, on Thursdays, I discover.)

On the other hand, mother claims to have overheard a conversation at the vegetable department in Tesco this morning. Their packaged "pseudo-fresh" vegetables, frankly, have been a scandal, they're always wet when you buy them and are prone to rotting and going moldy in just a couple of days. Someone apparently remarked that today they didn't feel wet for once and the other shopper's reply had been that there had been a big complaint about it. Lets hope for improvements.


ronsrants said...

". . . especially if it were served with "wartime food" like Smash potato!"

Smash is excellent stuff - just so long as you ignore the instructions. 60g (not the suggested 30), makes a portion for one normal person, adding sea salt and black pepper** (before the water), and butter afterwards (or olive oil and wholegrain mustard - homemade), and it's hard to tell from fresh.

**More than you might think - you're seasoning for the finished quantity.

However, I've just got a big bag of dried potato flakes to see how that compares - nothing but cooked potatoes, squidged through rollers and and dried in flakes. See how that compares with Smash, treated the same way, but with a dose of milk powder too. If a success, it'll avoid the chemical additives in Smash and is about half the price.

Also got a jar of puréed garlic from the same place. I pickle the stuff I never seem to have when I want it, like chillies and ginger, but had no success with garlic - this should solve the problem. Good for garlic mash, too.

ronsrants said...

"So, I did lapse and eat meat, once or twice a year if I ate out, in Tenerife, but that was because it was usually locally raised, actually had a flavour there and, was a lot less chemically poisoned than the crap sold in the UK."

Just reverted to vegetarianism as the meat I can actually afford is so rarely worth eating and, of late, loaded with water. (Sainsbury's)


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