Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Not naturally indirect


You Are the Greek Goddess Athena

"Athena is a very powerful goddess: Remember she was born fully-armed when she was extracted from the head of her father Zeus. She is also very wise and a talented craftswoman, but definitely not a girly-girl. She doesn't like to have her competence questioned. Although not naturally indirect, Athena enjoys a bit of make-believe. Getting Athena on your side will get the job done."

Which Goddess are you?

Actually, the bit about not being a girly-girl is so very true that I had difficulty seeing myself as goddess material at all, but given the choices, I'm certainly happy with this result.

Though I would not even dare to presume ... I felt a tremendous sense of place and magnetic attraction, in Athens, maybe this is why? And back in the 80's, added my support (moral, at least), to Melina Mercouri's campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

(Whether my own marbles will ever be reunited with me, is another matter entirely!)

There is definitely something almost Freudian about Athena's lack of mother.

"Not naturally indirect" made me laugh. That's a terribly indirect, tactful, way of suggesting that I'm rather direct and straightforward, or what some might call lacking in tact and diplomacy. And I make no apology for it either!

Virgin goddess might be stretching the bounds of unbelievable a bit tho'. :)

Thanks to The Cats Tripe for picking the quiz out.

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