Thursday, 14 August 2008

Britain's Really Disgusting Foods


Some of dem live in our fridge!

Really, there is something not at all right about this beetroot going moldy after only a few days, in a Tupperware, in the fridge. We'd also had fish go off from Monday to Thursday one week. In a cupboard, potatoes and carrots go soft and manky in only a few days, onions went all green and furry ...

All the fruit and veg here looks too ripe and won't keep. It's mostly packaged and sweats in the plastic, so I open it and put it on sunny windowsills to dry before it goes away, but it all still goes funny after only 2-3 days. The quality is truly dreadful, compared to the beautiful, fresh ingredients in the Canary Islands. Oh, but the best part, according to my mother ...

This didn't happen until I got here!

It CAN'T be her fault (nothing ever is) and the house can't be damp, so it must be me. All it suggests is that she NEVER bought anything fresh that could go off previously.

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ronsrants said...

Sainsbury's have taken to showing the storage times of their "fresh" veg on their website. Usually about 3 days, though tightly wrapped they keep for a week or two in my very cold fridge (so cold and dry that any veg left unwrapped quickly has the moisture sucked out of it).

So, to annoy me (paranoid, moi?), they now pack some veg in bags that are half mesh, so I have to repack them.