Friday, 22 August 2008

Adventures in an anorak

Partly because of the British weather, which doesn't seem to favour any other sort of attire (thank goodness I have a suitable black, hooded and padded garment, although I used to wear it in winter) and partly because it seems that those are the only type of entertainments in this part of the world. For example, this weekend sees the Isle Of Wight Steam Railway (website) Summer Steam Show and Real Ale Festival (Via: Out Everywhere), which could include a trip down Ryde Pier on the Island Line. How on earth does one contain one's excitement at such a prospect?

If all else fails, I can always watch the trains at New Milton station, where the sun does shine occasionally, for free. Not that would have risked it, since it's a Bank Holiday weekend, because what ALWAYS happens on Bank Holiday weekends in the UK, or has for most that I can remember over the last half-century?

That's right, there's no guarantee of good weather, which usually translates to "it will piss down." And as far as I knew, this was something that everyone and his dog already knew, wasn't it?

Yeah, you guessed it, as well as fiercely defending herself and everything else around her, mother has also jumped to the defence of the British climate.

No, really and it's, by far, not the first time that she's tried to convince me that the weather in this part of the country is virtually sub-tropical, but yesterday, as well as staunchly defending the contents of the morning weather forecast as though it were the gospel and guaranteed not to contain rain, bad news or nuts ... those HUGE banks of threatening black clouds that were overhead, she says were absolutely no worry, because "they were moving."

This sounds nothing out of context, but if you'd seen her reaction and heard the tone of the defence, you'd have thought I'd just attacked her, personally, over it. And, after much thought and analysis, I draw the conclusion that she's so wrapped up in defending "her little world", that she cannot even stand to have it accused of having clouds. It's not a picture of healthy reality, is it?

Truthfully, I've heard it all now and what's clear is that her reactions to everything are entirely inappropriate, which makes having appropriate reactions oneself impossible. 

Anyway, weather permitting or not, I still won't be going anywhere, because I have absolutely no money. When I mentioned the last day trip idea, it was immediately squashed because it would "cost a fortune", i.e. is beyond our means. Which is certainly isn't.

Now if you've really got the anorak thing bad, you might like ...

You're the KTX!

While some have accused you of being a paper tiger, you've shown that you're more of a small dragon. The atmosphere may be a little tense around you at times, but you know that constant vigilance is the price of freedom. A really good friend of yours moved north a while back and you wish they would move back. You've got soul.

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