Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Whining Wednesday

  My goodness, it's daylight and one of the vampires is out of its coffin! Kitty (the short-haired half of the two-headed monster) got out of bed, of her own volition, to go and have a spot more breakfast. I imagine that, like me, she thinks food might help keep her warm. Today, for those of you not "enjoying its pleasures" is yer typical "British Summer" day: freezing bloody cold and pissing down with rain. The sky is so dark that electric lights are necessary. It's so bloody cold that my mother put another woolly and the central heating on. (Of course, there had been no possibility of her putting in on before just because I've come from a sub-tropical climate or because I have health issues.) Meanwhile, I'm wearing all the clothes I can, had a steaming bowl of porridge for breakfast, but I could not get warm, so the only thing I could do, was to get back into bed. This is not the first time and, it should be obvious that I simply cannot live my entire life confined to bed in one room for too long. Now, it's not just that I'm a spoilt brat who felt a bit cold, I was shivering and my muscles, from head to foot, are burning up with pain, so I had to do something to ease it. And this is July?!? 'effin heck!

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