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On Saturdays there's a bigger and better market (than the one in New Milton) in nearby Lymington (which also has more coffee shops than inhabitants), but don't let anyone complain about embarrassing kiss-me-quick souvenir displays in places like Tenerife, after the utter 'effin ruination I've seen in what were quaint and beautiful old streets around Lymington quay!

There are some unspoiled, quiet corners still, but these appear to be few and far between today, now a more commercial style of tourism has encroached. Photos taken in 1990, even those in 2005, look fine, but compare those earlier images to the last image in the mosaic below, taken in May 2008 ( which is exactly how I saw it in June. )

mosaic5817238 1. The Quay - Lymington, 2. IMG_3531 Lymington, 3. Nelson Place - Lymington, 4. Hidden - Lymington, 5. Bath Road - Lymington, 6. Lymington so far..., 7. Lymington, Hampshire, England, 8. Lymington, 9. Lymington, Hampshire, England, 10. IMG_3524 Lymington, 11. Lymington High Street, 12. May 11, 2008: Lymington, New Forest

It's a sin that so much; buckets and spades, tasteless postcards and placards selling ice cream, has been allowed to spill out onto the pavements.

The rest of the area's "blatant commercialism" (the kiosk selling Isle of Wight ferry and excursion tickets), seems to manage to maintain an attractive and "in keeping" look. Lymington has probably been no more spoiled than anywhere else where tourists go, either in Britain or abroad, but it's a shame we seem to feel the need to turn everywhere into Blackpool. And I find it hugely hypocritical that Brits find those places tacky, but overlook the same kind of excesses they criticise abroad, when they're at home. More photos of Lymington.

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