Saturday, 19 July 2008

Chaturday: le weekend commence ici


And what better way to start le weekend of the week that brought us Bastille Day (and night) - France's National Day (celebrated in some strange places) - but beaucoup de chats Parisien. In fact, we bring you 10 photos of cats in Paris and two of cats called Paris for a bit of Entente cordiale, feline stylee.

Ici, nous avons: 1. Cat in Pharmacy Window, Paris, 2. Feral Cats in Paris, 3. Cat in Paris, 4. Shakespeare's cat, 5. Paris The Lazy Cat, 6. A cat in Paris, 7. Paris Cat, 8. Palla's cat, Paris, 9. Cemetery cats in Montmartre, Paris, 10. Montmartre, Paris - la Chat (the cat), 11. paris cat.jpg, 12. Paris Cat This little fellow running beautifully across the cobbles in Montmartre is the absolute double of my cat Balu, well, except that this one is MOVING. :)

... but I think they all have that special little je ne sais quoi.

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