Saturday, 26 July 2008

Caturday: Invisible Cats

This photo is in response to something my friend Andy said to me in an email today and, I quote, "With the summer finally having arrived in the UK, I hope Balu will feel adequately warmed by the sun to venture out of his bed!"

Well, she's perfectly entitled to hope, I suppose! :)

It's 26 centigrade indoors tonight. In Britain, that's probably some kind of record; it's stuffy, humid, sweaty and uncomfortable. Even I'm HOT (which is miraculous) and it should be warm enough, even for gatos tinerfeños.

Here's what normal cats are doing, in this heat, in this country, today.

And above is what my wimps have been doing, all day long, ever since early morning. You can bearly even discern lumps under the surface, but there are, two whole grown cats - in fur coats - under a 2 inch thick duvet. Both stayed there underneath, all day long, too and neither of them has moved, eaten, nor been to the bathroom. Haven't heard a peep out of either, bar the odd bout of snoring. They only go back if I pull them out. It's not normal, is it?

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