Thursday, 24 July 2008

Air Ambulance Saves Budgie


Well, let's highlight the positive outcome, because the man in the next street, who'd had a heart attack, didn't make it. He had lived alone and he had a budgie, which, I'm told, the paramedics had ensured got rescued.

Very small point perhaps, but I do find it rather touching and heartening.

It was quite a surprise to see an air ambulance, because, though I was used to seeing helicopters practicing (or effecting) rescues over the remote valley in Tenerife - where there was little chance of a prompt enough response by mountain road - I didn't expect to see that method in an urban area.

From what I can gather from various comments, this has become normal here, at least in heart attack cases. Presumably, because traffic is that bad now.

The chopper flew right over the house and landed in the next road, probably no more than 100 meters away, although, I didn't realize it had landed, nor that close and promptly forgot about it until I saw the gathered crowd (you can tell that not much happens around here) when I went out later and it was still there. It was just that moment about to take off (we nearly got blown off our feet as it did), so I did what any camera-carrying blogger does.

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