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Friday, 6 June 2008

The Longest Day ...

Storming the beach

Well, damn, I knew there was something significant about today's date and was thinking, thank goodness we didn't do this a couple of years ago (on 6/6/6), 'coz that really would have been a beastly, devil of a day.

Finally, the penny dropped when I was reminded that, it was on the 6th June 1944 that the allied troops had disembarked in Normandy. Duh!

So, what will I be doing 64 years later on 6th June 2008?

As you read this, I'll be "storming" Britain!

... along with two fat tabbies, who have to be checked in at 12:20 mid-day and, who will not clear the other end until 2 hours after our ETA of 19:45 hours. Add a couple of hours travel to and from the airports at both ends and you just could not find anything more apt than the description of The Longest Day ...

And, Britain has no idea what's about to hit it, does it? :-)