Sunday, 1 June 2008

Synchronized Sunday ...

At Artsy Catsy they do Synchronized Sunday Sleeping, quite elegantly. What do they do in my house? About 1 1/2 seconds after I'd filled it with clean litter, Fluffy bum, I mean Balu found it necessary to use the feline bathroom facilities, which is one of those fairly common hooded litter trays, with a small opening and with, generally, only room for one adult cat to use it at a time.

Long ago, in fact 7 years ago in 2001, when my little munchkins were kittens, I learned that they do pretty much everything together. Sleep, eat, wash, play, shit ...

Rinse, repeat.

Meal times and ablution rituals were carried out in a manner not unlike working on an assembly line on the factory floor. Squirt milk in one end, hold kitten up for dog to lick clean at the other, next ...

We lost the third one, Khan, in 2006, which just leaves the two fat tabbies, Balu and Kitty.

Anyway, so this afternoon, while Balu was in the poop box, Digging for Victory, along comes his sister Kitty, attracted by the sound. Walked straight towards the box and, before I could say, "You're not going to go in there too?", she did. Seven years and they still have to do absolutely everything together. Inelegant Synchronized Sunday Sh*tting!

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