Saturday, 7 June 2008

Caturday technician ...

cat Can't get the staff at weekends, you know! Moar cat pictures.

Looks to me like the technician is trying to work out where the gremlin is who makes the paper jams. Or maybe this is the gremlin who makes paper jams? It made me laugh, because our printer has mainly served as a cat bed. Despite appearing useful, really, the strong point and best feature of that all-purpose HP scanner, copier, printer and cat bed, was indeed teh latter function.

Recently tho, I've had to scan, copy and above all print an absolute heap of documents (mostly to do with transporting moggies to Britain, I would add.) Our printer seems to have two settings (what Ben Elton would have described as having been designed on an Arts' Council grant.) The first is "The printer is out of paper" - it isn't, it's just that the stupid thing fails to sense its presence, unless you put a bit of pressure behind the paper stack. The other setting, if you apply just a mere kilojoule too much of energy for that is, "Paper Jam".

Silly me, I should have sent the cat in after the gremlin, shouldn't I? By the way, how does "Two Fat Tabbies go to Blighty" sound for a book title? Given a kinda updated, irreverent, Enid Blyton type adventure, with fur on! That is, they hopefully go to Blighty: at time of writing we haven't done it yet (we will have  once you're reading this) and I can still only hope that the 3 million pedantic checks / injections / tests / and stupid pieces of paper will be enough to persuade the authorities that they're not two rabid tigers in disguise.

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