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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

WTF Plumbing

Fontanería creativa (creative plumbing)
The council plumbers, who were due to come last Tuesday, turned up at 7.50 a.m. last Wednesday morning. It's a good thing Cat Balu has taken to waking me up early then, she says sarcastically. Anyway, the new regulator is fitted, even if they did fit more pipe, another stopcock and the whole thing ended up looking awfully similar to this bit of Fontanería creativa (creative plumbing).

The WTF element is still the fact that a regulator is needed to protect the installations in the house from damages that could be caused by ups and downs in water pressure, when a) every single bit of it already broke (because of the last pressure surge) and is now new and b) the very same plumbers still insist that they are not responsible and that the pressure never changes.

For b) to be true, a) could not have happened.

They would, no doubt, argue that I had imagined the whole scenario, but I distinctly remember being wet up to the knees mopping out real water.

So, that just leaves the leaking water heater still to be fixed.

Since the regulator was fitted and the pressure was put back at a sensible level (I'm sure it wasn't measured with an apparatus, but it's better than it was), the intermittently not working water heater and the temperamental washing machine have both behaved themselves. Now I've said that, bet they won't.

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