Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Wordpress Hog

Interestingly, Eric Giguere also says he's had issues with WordPress being too much of a resource hog and causing problems with his hosting service. I'd installed WP-Cache when this happened to me the first time too, but it looks like even that will not be enough. In his post, Eric points to the WP Super Cache plugin and, this must be worth a try, since PHP was identified as causing the high CPU load and WP Super Cache, "When it is installed, html files are generated and they are served without ever invoking a single line of PHP."

Though, I do note that among the caveats mentioned there is, "Don't expect a cheap hosting plan to survive a major traffic spike, even if it is cached!"

This rather confirms what I had diagnosed as the problem. Well, since I can't afford more than cheap, if the problem rears its head again, then likely as not, I'll just have a hissy fit, delete the bloody thing and start anew with Blogger. [1]

Wordpress, despite being free, probably isn't for poor people then? :)

[1] UPDATE: Which is exactly what I had to do in the end.

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