Thursday, 1 May 2008

No day off for the staff ...

100_1769No lie in on workers' day off for the cats' slave! We are not surprised, are we?

Mornings are getting lighter lately and this, I believe, rather than any actual need for food, is what is motivating this fat little bugger to wake me earlier and earlier each morning. This morning, it was 7.45 a.m.*, which I think is still night time. Remember the video of the Wake up Cat?

Well, that was exactly what this little monster was doing this morning, whining about starving to death or something, jumping on top of me, walking all over me, draping himself over my shoulder and especially the bit where the paw comes out to bat me with his claws out ...

So as soon as I'd got up and done other chores, he got his nails clipped!

* Which is nothing like as early as he now wakes me in the UK!

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