Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wind Powered ...

The Hanging Cables of BabylonOr not as the case may be ... The orange weather alert that was declared in Tenerife on Sunday has finally been declared over today. The very high winds - which, up here, seemed to be as strong as those which buffeted us during Tropical Storm Delta, back in 2005 - managed to knock out our power. For 12 LONG hours yesterday! The problem, according to the technician who fixed it, was that the wind had blown the cables about (into one another), caused a short and blew a fuse.

That fuse was in the box at the bottom of my lane, of course. Down in the valley, they had power. A few hundred yards above, they also had power. Here on this exposed ridge in the middle ... we wuz screwed, naturally!

If the cables had been under ground, instead of being in unholy hanging cable messes ... Why, oh why, will UNELCO not see the logic and economics here?

If they invested in burying the cables, this would cut down considerably on their ongoing maintenance costs. As it is, every time we get bad weather (and, as I predicted, these occurrences do appear to be increasing with more frequent extreme and unexpected weather conditions), we have this problem; hours without power, increasing consumer anger; maintenance teams have to come out in those conditions, exposing them to danger and the company to more costs ...

Then there's the potential health hazard where these cables hang over homes; the dangers that hanging cables present to rescue helicopters; the fact that they are killing birds; the tourist impact - the cables shown above are right inside a rural park, where nature lovers are supposed to want to go for a nice hike!

And on top of the flood fiasco at the weekend, it was the final straw.

After that, I really needed the dehumidifier and my heat pad to remain on. That they were off for all that time has caused me a considerable step backwards. Again. Sigh.

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