Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday Supplement ...

Well, the little "fur people" got me up for their breakfast at 8.30 (never could get them to understand the concept of Sunday lie-ins), but I felt utterly shattered, like I hadn't been to sleep (even though I slept all night) and just felt nauseous, achy, cold, sickly ... So I went back to bed again, naturally.

Actually, I put the kids TV programs on and intended to vegetate there watching for a bit, then get up, but I just could not keep awake.

Next thing I knew was the landlady's brother-in-law banging incessantly on the door at 11.30. The landlady had obviously sent him, obviously worried about her water bill. He wanted to know if I had water running, because he'd checked the meter and said it was "spinning round". Of course, I'd been asleep, so I wasn't using any water. There was a minor hiss from the loo cistern, but no visible evidence of water running or leaking. He reckons that the new valve isn't right either ... The upshot is I now have to turn the stopcock on and off to use the toilet. The stopcock outside is turned off to the dribbling water heater too. Washing machine now doesn't have a water supply either and still won't work. And I'm calling the insurance company again in the morning.

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