Monday, 14 April 2008

Is Your Desk a Mess?

100_0764Damn it, I need some light relief and, what better than a couple of cats? Apparently, posting cute cat pictures is, "In the spirit of being a tech blogger". Oh well then, do you think I can get away with using that excuse too? After it was mentioned in a comment on Matt Cutts' blog (on a post containing a picture of his cat, naturally), suddenly, the Kit-In box Photos here, which is a wooden bed that clamps onto the edge of your computer desk, got linked everywhere.

Of course, I couldn't buy one here and I sure haven't got $50 (x 4 cats!) But, not to worry as, some time ago, CasaSugar said, "According to A Perfect Mess, having a messy workspace can actually increase efficiency and flexibility."

In my case, that is definitely good news! My desk was much more of a mess too, before "Mummy's little helper" (Balu: the naughty one on the right) decided he would throw everything off the desk, onto the floor, in a tantrum one day.

So the old towel (cost $0) was installed for him to shed his ample floof on!

Meanwhile, we can't keep Mico off the top of the all-purpose HP scanner, copier, printer and cat bed either, so the top flap was fitted with its own made-to-measure "condom" (a cushion cover that we got as a free gift.) It's amazing what you can do to accommodate desk cats, for much less than $50!

Yes, I was saying to my friend Jack Montgomery today that one has to impose limits with cats and not let them take over and get their way completely. Clearly, this is a case of "do as I say." :) .

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