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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Friday Flooding ...

Cats picking their way around another flood

Is becoming a regular event and I just don't know where to turn.

On Friday, I had to have a shower to go out and though the water heater worked (that, in my opinion, was a miracle: stories like this: The bane of my existence, again about a water heater saga in rented property in Spain, are not unusual), anyway, it leaked again and carried on dribbling for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, I tried to use my washing machine again and, once again, it did not immediately fill, but made noises. Not to be beat, because I really had to use it, I turned the water off and on and, lo and behold, actually got it to work. Only so it then flooded the floor, again. TWICE.

Then the landlady comes round with a 63 euro bill for water. This can't yet include the cost of all of last week's flooding and I had to refuse to pay it unless they come up with a really good reason. Living alone, I could hardly use much water if I tried and for 9 years, the amount has been 12 or 13 euros every two months.

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