Saturday, 5 April 2008

Coming up kitties ...

Minou Minou Stretched Canvas Print by Mcdermott, JoaneFor a Caturday Special, now that spring is beginning to sprung in most of the northern hemisphere, I thought we could check on teh "bulbs" that were planted last autumn and see how they're coming along ...

And looky here, it seems, we have a healthy crop of Catplants (aka cats in pots) this year: We planted trees and was grow cats (2) (3) Spud... is a very different kind of potato indeed. Catplant, cat in plantpot, Catplant, Cat Plant, Cat plant, The Cat in the Plant, Cat Plant, Cat Plant, cat plant, Plant-Cat, Cat Plant, Cat Plant, cat plant, cat plant, Cat and Plant, Cat in a plant pot of course! Cat asleep in a plant pot, Pouncer in the plant, Penny in plant, cat plant, They sleep in the plant pot, Cat plant?, Say Cheese!, Lynn's cat plant, I Am An Angry Little Plant Pot, Now that's just NAUGHTY!, Plant sleeper, Cat Plant, A Basil Plant?, Jagger in a jade plant, Blue curled up in his plant pot.


2175493540_94514870ff The Cat in the Pot by /mark/ Moar felinus botanicus The Cat in the Pot, sleeping cat, POTTED CAT!, Cat in a pot, cat pot, Cat in the Pot, A Potted Cat, Cat in Pot, Cat in a plant pot of course! Oh look, the kitty tree has sprouted Grow your own cat tree, Cat plant, Planted in a sunbeam, Sara, Oh look, the kitty tree has sprouted, Marmelade plants, Potted Pussies on a Porch, Cats Nap, Tansy, Olly, Cat in pot, Potted cat, cat in pot, Cat in a Pot!, Cat in a Pot, cat in a pot, KITTEN POT!, Solomon in Pot, Cat in a pot, Beans in a Pot ... If you don't have a garden, there is the House Catplant. These are not grown from bulbs, but are where cuttings from another plant are grafted onto a host rootstock, rather like vines. Of course, not all gardeners find this half as cute as cat lovers do - when kitty mistakes plant dirt for cat litter, doubly so - but you gotta admit that "cat plants" look dead cute "growing" in pots.

see more crazy cat pics

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