Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Another leak ...

The company who sold me the washing machine don't want to help, which is what I expected. It should be under guarantee and, the cause isn't proven - don't forget the Town Hall say they aren't responsible and that the pressure did not go up and down - but they say they'll charge for a technician.
The bloke in the shop says I haven't put the filter back in properly.

Well, I've had it out and back several times and I can't see another way of doing it, besides, it had gone in OK previous times when I'd had it out for cleaning. Looks like I'll have to call a technician myself to check it over.

Am I surprised? Nope. Ah, but I can't call a technician until I have money to pay one. I can't get money unless I go down to Buenavista on the bus. I can't go to Buenavista on the bus until I can have a shower ...

Then, this morning I was just double-checking again that the meter is not counting any water (that I'm not using) and found that the pipe, this side of the meter, down in the barranco, is dripping. I'm trying to get hold of those horrible council people now and, obviously, I'll have to switch the water off again ...

That's it: I really can't cope any more.

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