Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wake up Cat

Chandira wrote about her alarm cat, saying "I can figure out how she knows to wake me up a few minutes before my alarm goes off every morning." And she even adjusts for weekends and daylight savings, which makes it even more of a mystery. Any animal behaviorists in the house? This is so intriguing.

Anyway, by another one of those weird coincidences, I happened to bump into this video (Simon Tofield's short film 'Cat Man Do' has been nominated in the 'Best Comedy' category at the upcoming British Animation Awards.)

And I swear he's been studying my Balu in order to make this.

The little bugger drapes himself on top of me to whack me upside the head (and I really must trim his nails), then as soon as I move, he's off playing innocent. Here's a video of another Cat Alarm: same action, only more gentle!

Episode two of Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!' is brilliantly observed too. Mico has this habit of standing on his hind legs and rapidly pummelling the glass door with that nails across a blackboard quality. Thomas once learned to flap a letterbox to get his personal slave to go open the door. My dad once altered the workings of a door handle, so that it lifted up to open, because our old cat Sue could open it the normal way. They all share one trait: wait till the end. I know that these two episodes have already been seen millions of times, but it's just so clever, I'm sure this cartoon will be truly massive.

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