Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rubbing it in ...

image There's really nothing like rubbing it in, is there? Today I made a very rare visit to the front page of Yahoo! whereupon, I was greeted by name.

No surprise there, since I was logged in via other Yahoo! services.

Anyway, if Yahoo! knows my name, it also knows other stuff in my profiles, like my DOB and my AGE and it appears to think the latter is "advanced" ...

Because in the top right hand corner of the page it asked me "Worried about Memory loss?" and invites me to check Yahoo! Health for answers.

Later on, down the right hand side of the page was displayed a typical silver haired (I'm not) "wrinkly" feature about "Alzheimer's Disease Resources".

Well, thank you Yahoo! If there is a link between you recognizing me and offering me "content targeted to the user", you just managed to make me feel older than Keith Richards. Maybe that's extreme, like Methuselah's granny then!

At this rate, if I don't croak first, very soon I'll need need to add "Warning! Elderly Person Blogging" in the sidebar, as "oldgit", Big John has.

Of course, I would bookmark the helpful Alzheimer's Disease Resources too, but there really doesn't seem a lot of point, does there? I might not need them now, but by the time I do, I won't remember where I saved them, will I?

Now why did I go to Yahoo! in the first place? :)

Facebook are just as bad. After my last birthday they stopped showing ads asking "Are you 50 and single?" and started offering me retirement planning.

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