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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My Birthday ...

Wild Daisies

Tried to let the event slide past unnoticed this year, but all sorts of websites and forums "conspired" to remind me with a barrage of "Happy Birthday" spam. Alright, maybe spam is a bit strong of a word, but at my age, being reminded at all is always unsolicited! Worse yet, with so many websites being personalized for the user these days, everywhere I go, I keep being told how damn old I am. They all clicked over and added on another year automatically and I'd rather they didn't, thank you. This is a novelty that probably wears off by the time one reaches 13 1/2. So, what could I do to commiserate with myself? ...

Oh yes, I know, food! I like food I do and, being a lazy bitch, settled for a restaurant that I can see from the house, the recently renamed (well, last year) Asadero Los Pedregales. This also gave me a chance to take a nice little stroll across the valley and see the pretty spring flowers coming up and all the blossoms on the trees. Actually, that did cheer me up no end, because I distinctly remember many occasions in the UK when I had tried to have birthday parties in early March, only to have people cancelling right and left because they couldn't drive through the horrid snow. Here it's been warm enough that I've broken a sweat a couple of times. Even so, to be honest, I'd have had to walk a heck of a lot farther than across the valley to counteract the bad effects of the huge steak and naughty pudding, but if you're going to treat yourself, you do it proper, don't you?

Spring flowers in the valley


Half a cow and chips. Not a vegetable in sight!

Heart attack pudding: Pastel de tres leches

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