Sunday, 30 March 2008

Lost in Spain

One of the *good* things about spending almost a week lazing about, generally feeling icky, is that one does not mind terribly much how bad the TV is. And, let's face it, in Spain, when it comes to TV, bad can mean very bad indeed.

Antena 3 showed this Austrian mini-series, Zodiak - Der Horoskop-Mörder over two nights last week, dubbed into Spanish, of course. (For the amount of attention I was paying, they could have left it in the original German.)

Despite the incredibly unbelievable characters and near comedy plot holes - do read the snarky review at the IMDB, which is absolutely spot on (I like to look up unfamiliar things that I've watched, just to double-check my comprehension, or re-suspend my suspended belief mainly) - nevertheless, it made a pleasant change from the familiar formats of British or American crap dubbed badly and, provided visual eye candy, whilst not overly taxing the aching brain.

The really bad news is that this was the best thing on TV all week!

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