Saturday, 16 February 2008

Woman 50 gets net babysitter

image So I know there are times when I [partly] jest about not knowing what I want to be when I grow up, but do I really - at my age - seem like I need a friggin canguro (babysitter / nanny)?

(Maybe that's a rhetorical question and, one that's best left unanswered.) 

Nevertheless, ever since I got my "slower than molasses in January" ADSL connection (after a 7 year wait, two years ago) it has seen fit to intermittently block everything in it's path (or my path) with a net nanny filter from, that comes, whether you want it or not, as part of the Telefonica package. (Anyone familiar with Spain will, at the mere mention of the name Telefonica - sadly the only option I have in this area - have identified the root problem and, will know also that there is no means of getting help for it.)

Of course, I didn't ask for it and I've had it deactivated from day one, but from time to time it just activates itself. That is, I will find it activated when it rudely gets between me and virtually every page on the internet.

Well, the perfectly safe and innocent ones anyway.

This week, it also blocked me from seeing Google Adsense ads, which not only returned errors and "holes" in other people's pages, but didn't help test my own sites that run them. It doesn't even say it's on - still says it's deactivated - when I check the settings in my ADSL account. It is so maddeningly frustrating.

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