Friday, 15 February 2008

I can has loose toof and uvver noos

Balu your 'effin Friday FelineOn a routine inspection and rabies jab up the bum (well, in his neck actually) to renew his passport on Wednesday, we found that poor Balu (here seen looking fairly miserable) has a loose toof - one of his fangs - that's infected. Can we get an ahhhhhh here?

He probably has tooth ache too, but miraculously, hasn't complained.

Not that you'd notice what "complaining" was with him, because he's a demanding child anyway, but the fat little urchin has been demanding and eating his food, which I tend to think he would not if the pain were that acute and, consequently, I hadn't noticed the problem. I'm a bad mother!

So after five days of antibiotics we have to make an appointment to go back to the vet to clean up his gob and possibly remove the offending fang.

Goodness knows what this is going to cost: the "routine" annual jabs cost 100 euros already, plus another 60 euros for transport to the vet and back each time. Maybe if I don't eat for 3-4 months, we'll be able to manage this? :(

Meanwhile, I have defrosted Wordpress and installed the freezer.

Er, maybe that was the other way around, but I tell you I was getting so confused by the end of it that it could well have been vice-versa. :-)

One last note: Don't share the mussels that you defrosted from the freezer with the cat - it only results in a 500 Internal Kitty Error - unless you actually enjoy mopping barf off the floors!

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