Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fat Tuesday

I've deliberately kept back yesterday's bread (that's still delivered here daily), in order to make torrijas or Rebandas de Carnaval (recipe, though they are, less exotically, known as eggy bread) today, but I'm certainly not adverse to tossing the occasional pancake. (The old sugar and lemon will do, but they are also specially good swimming in miel de palma (palm "honey" or sap) from La Gomera. And it's all fattening. Ah well ...

This is nothing to do with any religious "requirement" to use up foodstuffs before Lent starts tomorrow - which, I read delightfully described as "Christian Ramadan" - and, frankly, I could (often do) this on any day of the year. Maybe that's why Pancake Day may be at risk of dying out, if any old day is pancake day? Here in Tenerife, it's the day of the Carnaval Main Parade too, which I will probably watch on TV, sat on my fat bum, while stuffing myself. :-)

Shrove Tuesday | Carnaval 2008 in Tenerife | Photo: Nathan Collins

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