Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Your Body Was Not Made To Eat Meat


Man belongs to the primate family, all members of which are complete vegetarians. By and large primates were not created or suited to digest the dead flesh of another creature. Indeed it is a rare but not unknown occurrence to see a gorilla or baboon in the wild dining off an animal carcass.

Much of mankind and many great civilizations have remained vegetarian and indeed are often healthier than their meat eating counterparts.

For example the Buddhist people of the Far East and indeed 90 % of the population in India have been vegetarian for millennia. The Hunza people of South America, also vegetarians are renowned for their remarkable health and longevity, it is known that the vegetarian inhabitants of the Vilcababamba valley in Ecuador frequently live more than 100 years old and one inhabitant was recorded to be 142 years of age.

Again and again it is noted that the major degenerative diseases of Western society including cancer, heart disease and diabetes hardly if at all affect vegetarian populations. Indeed in vegetarian cultures these diseases, which are the mainstay of band aid treatment after the fact, are practically unknown and are very uncommon in these vegetarian cultures.

Compare the anatomy and physiology of man with that of a typical herbivore (for example an ape) with that of a typical carnivore (for example a lion) and you will notice that first of all that herbivores have jaws that move laterally and vertically, and teeth suited for grinding. Carnivore's jaws move only vertically, and their teeth are only suited for ripping.

Secondly carnivores have 15 times more hydrochloric acid in their stomachs than herbivores such as apes.

Lastly carnivores such as lions have an average only three feet of intestine.

This is so that flesh can be expelled before the body before it has time to putrefy and go rotten. Whereas herbivores have over 22 feet of intestines. Mankind's intestines generally range from 18 to 24 feet in that range of 22 feet.

Meat is not part of mankind's natural diet. Mankind was not created to be a meat eater. It does not take much common sense or knowledge to see to whom we have more in common : it is apparent that mankind by virtue of his or her anatomy and physiology was never created for or intended to eat meat.

It was noted by the renowned anthropologist Desmond Morris in his classic study – the book "Manwatching", that "In origin, man is a fruit picking primate turned hunter". Mankind was created by nature to be a vegetation herbivore rather than a meat eating creature, for the sake of your health and longevity this should be considered in your choice of diet. It is now increasingly easy and indeed fashionable to have a vegetarian lifestyle.

This even includes many restaurants and fast food chains and not only niche restaurants such as Indian restaurants. Consider mankind's evolutionary physiology, diet and history when considering your diet. Consider your health and longevity. You were not "made to eat meat". About The Author: Margaret S. Mathews Photo: © Jenny Rollo

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