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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Officially dead

Delinquent washing machine

The washing machine - 10 1/2 years old and long since "past it's prime" - decided to do a little dance around the utility room, turning a full 90 degrees and even tried to take the drier for a spin of "domestic appliance rock and roll", complete with "light show." Or I should say, "no light show", as these crazy antics knocked out the electricity in the whole house, which is probably just as well: you can't go letting appliances behave like delinquents, unchecked, can you?

The rusted front panel was left flapping in the breeze, the bottom of the machine parted company and the whole thing was leaning further than that tower in Pisa. A faulty door catch meant it would work with the door open (as many a flood will attest) and it's been a long time since it seemed to get anything clean anyway, so I reckon it's time to say: R(ust).I.P. For a dirt cheap non-brand name washing machine to last for 10 years, with only one £20 repair, one can't really complain and, with it's parting shot at providing entertainment, not at all!

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