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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Miss the eyes and you've missed the shot

Betty and Mico

An article entitled, Ten Tips for Photographing Wildlife Like a Pro, begins:
"Miss the eyes and you've missed the shot. Getting the eyes in focus is key to capturing a photo of an animal. It's human nature to look at the eyes. It's how we determine emotion and how we connect."
With this little green-eyed monster called Betty, "wildlife" is the right term and, getting the eyes at all is a major accomplishment. They either don't show up, or are closed and getting her to keep still long enough usually (she's more at home climbing trees, fences, walls ...), but in a rare moment of composure, posing on top of her long-suffering "husband" Mico, out in our (scruffy) utility room, I finally managed to capture her looking straight at the camera.

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