Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Widdling Wednesday

Balu and Mico in a friendly moment Well, finally, after a wait of several weeks, I've seen our new "cat convenience" (it's a baby's potty) being used, with my own eyes. Just couldn't get the camera out in time, darn it!

Only, it wasn't Mico who used it, it was Balu and I've never seen anything so funny in all my life.

He sorta reversed onto it, lowered his ample, fluffy backside (which filled the bowl) to actually sit on it, keeping his tail outside. Then he wiggled his ass a bit to get comfortably positioned and then did what he had to do: tiddled.

If he'd taken the newspaper to read, he couldn't have gotten any more comfy than that and he made it look like he's been using a potty all his life. :)

This is excellent news, of course, because I don't mind who uses it, as long as none of them use inappropriate places. So I gave him profuse praise, before rinsing out the potty and restoring it to it's place. And almost immediately, it got used again. This time, I suspect it will have been Mico. He'll have known that Balu used it and will have wanted to put his scent there instead ...

Fine by me, and they can simply keep on encouraging each other.

I hadn't expected Balu was going to use it, but now I suspect that this has been going on for some time, as I've gone to empty the pot a few times and thought there was rather a lot for one cat, unless he'd been drinking beer.

No, I don't let them, honest. The pee of two cats would explain it.

The pair of boys do get on extremely well, but occasionally, we get little bouts of rivalry. Like the other day, when all of a sudden, both of them came crashing through the front door, chasing one another, hissing and spitting, fur on alert - with the dog not far behind. Later, they were all curled up together.

I'll be keeping that camera in a handier location now!

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