Thursday, 7 June 2007

What the ignorant and unthinking really ask for

Like everything else Twain ever wrote or uttered, this is so profound and true. Mark Twain's "The War Prayer", is once again, proof that history just keeps on repeating. What, that he said in 1904, does not directly apply to the situation, one hundred years later in 2004 and still now, in 2007?

When will it change is the question I would like answered.

"In 1904, disgusted by the aftermath of the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Philippine-American War, Mark Twain wrote a short anti-war prose poem called "The War Prayer." His family begged him not to publish it, his friends advised him to bury it, and his publisher rejected it, thinking it too inflammatory for the times. Twain agreed, but instructed that it be published after his death, saying famously:

None but the dead are permitted to tell the truth."
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