Saturday, 2 June 2007

RSPB website bans use of the word 'cock'

"The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has banned the use of the word "cock" when applied to the male of the species, in case it causes offence. In a move condemned for "taking political correctness too far", a correspondent on an RSPB online forum was surprised to find that his use of the word "cock", when referring to a male blackbird, was replaced with four asterisks.", report The Telegraph.

It's a good job Blogger doesn't have a similar set of filters, or my posts would probably read **** and **** but **** if **** like rabid Morse code! :)

Spanish compounds this problem. Gallo being the male bird that makes a racket, usually just when you're drifting off to sleep, while pollo is chicken. But one must remember not to change the O to A to make this feminine. The girl bird (hen), in both cases is a Gallina, whilst polla is exactly the thing that the RSPB are aiming to avoid! People who ask for salads should too.

The problem wouldn't come up for a blackbird (mirlo) though, as anything other than a chicken, the male one is a macho, the female an hembra. Until you get to dogs, of course, where perra, the feminine of perro, still means bitch in both senses. As in, "My female dog and I are a right pair of perras!"

RSPB website bans use of the word 'cock'

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