Thursday, 21 June 2007

Antibacterial products may be bad news


Some popular antibacterial hand gels, sponges, household cleaners, and even mattresses may actually contribute to the spawning of superbugs. Not even starting on the spiders, centipedes and other assorted fauna, believe me, I have enough superbugs in my house already with four cats and a dog! And their friends, of course. Apart from worms, fleas and ticks, they bring in live mice, birds, rabbits, locust type things ... In the last two days alone, we've "evicted" two lizards who had taken up temporary residence in this bug motel - presumably having been "forcibly invited" earlier. But I digress ...

The real reason I posted this item here, was in case you, like me, tend to be a bit careful (don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not obsessive nor even house proud) because you're handling cats that have just been out "gardening" - then jump all over your kitchen counters, with their sh... I mean muddy paws.

Because of this, there was a time when I used to buy only antibacterial hand wash and household products. Now I don't bother any more (either because I haven't seen them in out local shops here in the rural backwaters) or to economize and, strangely enough, we haven't died yet.

And it looks like this may have been a accidentally good decision:

Antibacterial products may be bad news

[Photo: travelbug. Lazy cat, Safe bug]

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