Friday, 11 May 2007

Lemony Lentil-Spinach Stew

imageFor ease of making, this scores really high. Just 4 easy steps, no constant attendance and cooks within the 40-min time specified. Apart from leaving some of my potatoes in large chunks, from personal choice, I think this resembles what we would have expected. You get what type of potatoes you get here, so mine weren't red and, I had to make do with frozen spinach, otherwise, I followed the recipe that Yumsugar reproduced from the Vegetarian Times, fairly faithfully.

Obviously, any dish is a matter of taste, but I really felt that this was a good choice, because it is delicious. It's heavenly in fact. The freshness of the lemon and the mint make it like "the joys of springtime in a bowl."

Small accomplishmentsThe dish was definitely enhanced by the fact that I have my very own patch of fresh mint: the dried kind wouldn't work as well. But, in all, it was easy, cheap and if it tastes this good with frozen spinach, it's nearly a "storecupboard dinner".

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