Friday, 4 May 2007

Happiness is a potty trained cat

Photo Hosted at BuzznetI'm all up for the idea of cat toilet training - when cats are indoor cats, as it has to be better than smelly litter, the worst of which is not when it's in situ, but when it gets walked all round the house - but, I'll bet that toilet training isn't as easy as it looks.

(Mico doesn't seem to have quite the right idea there yet, does he?)

So far though, I haven't had to train anyone and, consequently, we don't have a litter tray in this house, usually, even when the cats stay indoors.

Betty took it upon herself years ago to use the bidet for wees, which is fair enough, because I can just run the tap on it. The silliest thing is that she has all day and night when she could use it, but invariably waits for when I go.

Ah well, it's nice to have the company and the conversation!

Somehow, I think I may have gone a little too far in instilling bathroom etiquette - it certainly wasn't training - into Kitty. Even when she can go outside, even when she's been for a long walk up the road and back with me and the dog, she dashes back indoors to use the bathroom.

All of them, mostly, just naturally use the bath, which is fine by me, because it is easily cleaned. (We have a special dustpan for picking up the "lumpy bits" that go down the loo.) And actually, I prefer this to sharing my toilet seat.

But, there have been occasions when Mico has availed himself of whatever suitable (in his mind anyway) receptacle was provided, to do a pee.

This is not so good when it's the dog's food bowl. No, that's not fair.

To prevent this, the thought crossed my mind therefore - half in jest really - that I would buy him a baby's plastic potty to use, but I never did anything about it, until the other day when I was in a local supermarket and saw one for a single Euro (a few pence). Mico is a boy, so I chose the blue one.

Said and did nothing special, but placed it, strategically, on the bathroom floor after I bought it home on Monday. And, without further ado, someone has been using it regularly all week. Yay Mico has gone potty! :-) Now I know how mothers of non-fur babies must feel: really proud to see "results"!

Yes, maybe I've gone a little potty too, but if it works ...

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