Monday, 28 May 2007

Foreigners like Brummie

image "Brummie is not ugly. Far from it, foreign people unaware that it is the working-class accent of a formerly heavily-industrialised area, and who are not bombarded with stereotypical images of Birmingham speakers on a daily basis by the media, find it a very attractive accent indeed."

Maybe I'll have to brush my Brummie accent up again then? :)

Bit ironic, since I was born there, to belong to the group of people who think the accent sounds irritating and, have worked blastid hard to git shot of it since.

If I try very hard I can rise to Estuary English, but essentially, replacing it with a Cockney accent (real Cockney, not Mockney) picked up from me muvver, who is an East Ender, born inside the Square Mile and at a time when the Bow Bells were still ringing (before they were destroyed the first time in the Great Fire, probably). Curiously, that accent seems to have fared even worse with the native English speakers in this study.

When I went back to Birmingham for a while in the 80's, what was most curious was that other "natives" generally would not take to people without a Brummie accent. Despite being born there, because I didn't have the accent, many locals treated me like a foreigner. All the friends I made there at that time were also from or had lived elsewhere. On the other hand, I landed jobs at a level at which nobody with a Brummie accent could be heard.

The report also says that people confuse Brummie with Black Country speak. I don't know how! As well as Spanish and a smattering of a few other languages, I'm fluent in Brummie, but when I foolishly accepted a job in the Black Country many years ago, I had to keep getting someone to translate all the curious grammatical uses and colloquialisms used there.

Anyroadup, if yow int got a clue what the hell this is about, try Brummie slang as spoken by us brummies. It won't help a blind bit, but you might waste some time having a good laugh. Trarabit. :)

Brummie is beautiful Via: Brum Blog

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