Friday, 4 May 2007

Day two of the banana diet ...

100_0054 My landlady brought me this humongous bunch of bananas as a gift. Real Canary Islands bananas, fresh from her plantation. There really is no comparing these to any other banana, because they are just sweeter, more full of flavour and just better than any other. And, I'm not the only one who likes them. Holly dog here, is not famous for being the most obedient dog in the world, but she's certainly not daft. If she thinks that certain behaviour is going to get her what she wants, she's first in the queue. So there I was trying to get a shot of the massive banana bunch for posterity - I mean, how often does one have half of the crop from one banana plant - something that weighs about 15 - 20 kilos or more (I'm guessing, having lifted many sacks of cat and dog food in those weights) - and that took 14 months to grow - to eat (almost) by oneself?

Along comes Holly to inspect. Well, she would, because whenever we have bananas, I only have to pick one up and she arrives, begging.

Normally, if I tell her to lie down, there would be a delay, or she would fail to see the need and avoid doing as she was told. This time, I'd bearly opened my mouth when her arse hit the floor. You don't think this was because she guessed it would earn her a banana, do you? :) When faced with this many bananas, I thought it best to check to find out Is it okay to feed dogs bananas? or the alternative question, Are bananas bad for my dog?

Thankfully, the answer is that they will do no harm, in moderation.

Yeah, the word moderation and this blinking great bunch, seem to be at odds with one another, don't they? We've both eaten a couple of bananas (in my case more) over the last two days. Neither of us has suffered from what the above question politely calls "loose stools", yet, but let's just say that production has increased, considerably, in both of us. It's the "F-Plan Diet" revisited. Laughing

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