Sunday, 13 May 2007

Broccoli Risotto

image What have we here then, green rice pudding? :) The recipe did say it should be creamy and that it was. My broccoli was frozen, so it required much less cooking, I used vegetable stock instead of chicken broth and, sadly the only type of rice I can get locally is just ordinary rice.

image But, even if it did end up looking like Kermit (notice the similarity on the color?) had a nasty accident in my kitchen and the fact that I thought I really had screwed this one up big style, it tasted really great.

Color me a surprised shade of lurid green!

Was it simple? Well, as Kyle Phillips, Guide to Italian Cuisine, says, "Making a good risotto is rather like riding a bicycle: It takes a little bit of practice to begin with, and a certain amount of concentration thereafter."

So, maybe the gooey rice pudding effect isn't exactly what we should have, but this did not diminish enjoyment of the dish. Actually, this also brought up an interesting thought when you're cooking a new dish alone. How do you know what it's supposed to be like? (Easy, if the recipe comes with an illustration, but this didn't.) And who's going to tell on you if it doesn't look like it should?

To answer the second question first, lots of people if you're daft enough to post the results of your failed culinary experiments on a blog! Smile

The first part can be answered by the good old internet too, for instance via this Google image search on the word risotto. There you will notice that, while the professional risotti all have neat, separate grains, the "normal folk" like us, all seem to make "savory rice puddings". Phew! But despite the appearance and incorrect texture, the results were so tasty that I wouldn't let the food snobs put you off. It was certainly quick enough to make, at around 20 minutes.

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