Saturday, 28 April 2007

Sheepish discoveries

734031_51807017 It's a right "animal farm" here today, from llamas to owls and now onto sheep. (Being in the Canary Islands, we bring you the comical, but true, goat on a moped story too.)

One story that has suddenly being doing the rounds is that of the Great Poodle Scam of 2007, an urban legend, it turns out (fairly logically), in which it was claimed that a scam, where sheep were sold as poodles, was uncovered after they didn't bark in the night and refused to eat dog food. (With all the pet food recalls going on, I wouldn't blame 'em.)

The fact that one of the original chip wrappers (I hesitate to call it a newspaper) in which the story ran was The Sun, that wonderful source of good taste and truth, with the headline of Ewe've been conned ladies and a lede that begins "Wool I never ...", should have been a small clue into just who was trying to pull that over whose eyes. But whilst I have absolutely no trouble imagining that it would be dead easy to dupe Sun readers into believing that the story were true, what seems unbelievably comical is that, before it was revealed as a hoax, "the story has since been reported internationally by newspapers and websites in the UK, America, New Zealand and South Africa."

Folk whine about the dodgy information being promulgated around the blogosphere. Don't journalists know how to fact check any more? It seems bloody certain that they don't now how to use Google.

Sheepish gift for goal scorer

However, not knowing the word in Croatian for "sheep" (nor rumour, or legend), I can't really check this story out either, but the sources seem to be (who also worryingly (pun intended) ran the Ewe've been had story) and Reuters and, it's been reported in the Guardian.

(Is there anything significant, do you think, that Ananova list "Sex life" next to the "Animal tales" in their "Quirkies" categories?)

Anyway, so the farm animal bonus story goes:

"A Croat footballer turned up for work to find a flock of sheep waiting for him. Defender Ivica Supe scored 16 times this season for third division Zagora FC unaware that the club's sponsor, Josko Bralic, a local shepherd, had promised a sheep for every goal scored by a defender."
Welsh footballers must be feeling a bit jealous right now!

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